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African Wind Energy

Posted on May 6, 2022 by Rickey Tenamore

Given high fossil fuels prices and predictions of limited supplies later on, wind energy is now a favorite energy platform. This is a guide to African wind energy.

Countries around the globe are searching for cheaper and much more ecologically friendly methods to supply their population with energy. With the price (and pollution levels) of traditional energy sources such as for example burning coal along with other combustible resources being extremely high, countries are forced to check out other, more renewable energy sources to meet up their needs. In Africa, countries are considering alternative sources such as for example hydroenergy and solar technology. African wind energy is now especially important in this search.

Wind energy is among the cleanest & most effective types of harnessing a renewable type of energy. To acquire wind energy, large wind generators, or propellers, are placed in areas that get a large amount of wind. These turbines turn with the wind, and this turning produces enough momentum to charge energy storage cells. This stored energy is then used to create electricity for homes and entire communities.

One place where African wind energy has been used in huge amounts is situated in South Africa, in Cape Town.

Most of the power found in South Africa today is made by coal burning energy plants. These plants are inefficient, expensive and polluting, therefore the country wants alternatives to energy their homes. Economic growth in addition has result in increased demand for electricity in South Africa. Cape Town hopes to acquire at the very least 10% of these electricity from African wind energy sources by the entire year 2020. This city happens to be influenced by coal energy along with nuclear energy, and was recently suffering from problems within their nearby nuclear plant.

There are other countries on the continent of Africa which are trying pilot wind energy projects, both on large scales and small, home-based turbine scales. With the necessity for electricity in Africa growing as both economy and population of the continent expands, African wind energy is fast learning to be a perfect treatment for their energy needs.