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Understanding How Wind Turbines Generate Power

Posted on October 15, 2023 by Rickey Tenamore
Wind power is known as a renewable power source because it will undoubtedly be with us provided that sunlight beats down on earth.Wind is really a creation of heat made by objects starting to warm up beneath the relentless sun.Certain objects warm-up faster than others.When this occurs, wind is established.As heat rises off the hotter objects, cooler air rushes directly into fill the gap.This rushing process is, needless to say, wind...

Using Solar Energy to Generate Hydrogen

Posted on September 25, 2023 by Rickey Tenamore
Hydrogen may be the most abundant aspect in the universe and powers our greatest energy production source, familiar to all or any folks - sunlight.Hydrogen itself accocunts for 75% of the universes elemental mass, obviously not absolutely all of it really is on the planet.But how do we use hydrogen as a fuel.Hydrogen, like fossil fuels can be an explosive gas.When it combines within an explosive reaction with oxygen it produces only 1 element - WATER...

A Hydrogen Based Fuel Enhancement Initiative

Posted on July 22, 2022 by Rickey Tenamore
The Water/Fuel Converters Project is specifically made to clarify how hydrogen based fuels may be used to enhance carbon based fuels.The reason would be to educate everyone concerning the simplicity of on-demand electrolysis technology and the simple integration into already existing infrastructure.A primary facet of the project would be to provide free information whereas other website try to capitalize on the problem...

An Inconvenient Truth - and a Convenient Answer

Posted on January 21, 2022 by Rickey Tenamore
It really is a debate that probably must have been taking place when Henry Ford started mass producing automobiles so when Thomas Edison invented the lamp around the first 1900s.Considering that we have an increasing number of men and women owning cars in more places across the world and a finite resource in oil, it was inevitable that crisis of varied forms would eventuate.Of all technological challenges facing the world that affect our day to day lives, this power source dilemma along with maybe cancer treatment may be the biggest...

Solar Energy - How Can We Use It?

Posted on October 23, 2021 by Rickey Tenamore
Solar energy is energy that's created from our sun.Sunlight is generating about 3.9x 1026 watts, or 390,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 watts of energy.A few of this energy is now able to be captured and changed into heat or electricity.There are 4 main techniques solar technology from sunlight is captured, they are:Flat plate liquid filled solar power panels for water heatingFlat Plate Gas filled solar power panels for space heatingPhotovoltaic cells for electricity generationPassive Solar HeatingFlat Plate Liquid filled solar technology panelsA flat-plate liquid solar technology collector is actually a metal box, usually insulated, which has a glass cover over a dark coloured metal plate (copper or cheaper aluminium)...

Types of Solar Energy

Posted on September 26, 2021 by Rickey Tenamore
Solar energy will come in many forms.Many people are most acquainted with solar panels, but there are many different methods to create and store solar technology.Below are a few of these ways:Solar Cells - Just about everyone has seen solar panels applied to calculators with LCDs.However they are also used in a great many other ways.Solar panels use semiconductors (oftentimes, silicon) to create electricity, directly from the sunlight...