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Types of Solar Energy

Posted on September 26, 2021 by Rickey Tenamore

Solar energy will come in many forms. Many people are most acquainted with solar panels, but there are many different methods to create and store solar technology. Below are a few of these ways:

  • Solar Cells - Just about everyone has seen solar panels applied to calculators with LCDs. However they are also used in a great many other ways. Solar panels use semiconductors (oftentimes, silicon) to create electricity, directly from the sunlight.
  • Solar Fibers - That is also a photovoltaic device (just like the solar panels), only it generally does not use silicon. Rather, it includes a solar tape that's made out of titanium dioxide. This tape could actually be coupled with building materials as well as clothing.
  • Solar Pond - A solar pond is constructed of three layers: the very best layer as low salt content. The center layer can be an insulating layer with salt, also it prevents natural convection in the water (which may normally cause heat exchange). Underneath layer as an extremely high salt content, which layer can approach high temperatures. Due to all of the densities in salt of the various layers, you can find no convection currents (which normally transfer heat to the top and the air). Heat that gets trapped in underneath layer may be used to heat buildings, generate electricity, or in industrial processes.
  • Solar Chemical - There are numerous of different solar technology processes that absorb sunlight in a chemical a reaction to create that solar technology. More research is necessary on solar chemical energy before we are able to apply it practically. A lot of this research is on photoelectrolysis of water.
  • Solar Updraft Tower - This can be a type of solar technology plant where air passes under an agricultural glass house, gets heated by sunlight, and is then channel up toward a convection tower. It really is used to operate a vehicle turbines which generate electricity.
  • Energy Tower - This tower uses water, unfortunately, nonetheless it is also an excellent design and works similarly to the solar updraft tower. Water is sprayed near the top of the water. The water evaporates which in turn causes a downdraft by cooling the air. This coolness escalates the density of the air and drives turbines which are in the bottom of the tower.
  • These are simply a few ways that solar technology has been and has been created. One common household kind of solar technology is that developed by solar panels. Nonetheless, these other styles have become promising and certainly have their place.